Having come back from a Sabbath concert, I composed this nostalgic song... looking at today's music and how it is withering (from what I remember it) into a slow death... recorded to sound 'live' with a Drop-D riff.


Stillborn nights and no place to go,
Nothing but shit on the radio.
Techo tweens, they all sound the same,
‘Call Me Maybe’ drives me insane.

Beiber punk and GaGa shrag,
Helped to raise the surrender flag.
Pitch correction and processed lines,
A final blow for the end of times.

Hold the jacket and pull out the sleeve,
Caress the vinyl like a lover in need.
I’m dusting you off, girl… dusting you off, girl…
Taking this needle and sticking it deep inside your groove.

Crush the solo,
Crush the rock star,
Crush the rock ‘n roll.

Praise the prop star,
Praise the bizarre,
Praise corporate control.

Teenage buyers,
Lead by liars,
Fund the next payroll.

Hendrix, Joplin,
All for nothing,
Music lost its soul.