I've been playing regularly again for just over a year and am planning on getting a new guitar soon. At the moment I have an ultra-cheap Encore guitar and a Kustom KGA10 amp.

My budget is about £250 - £350. I like metal (especially prog) and post-rock. My favourite band is Tool.

I'm looking for something with humbucker pickups. I don't need a tremolo. A thicker neck would be nice, but not essential. I'll probably end up getting a new guitar as there aren't many shops selling used guitars in my area of the UK, and I want to test it first so I don't want to get one online.

I'm considering getting an Epiphone LP Standard or an SG400.

Any thoughts?

Almost anything with humbuckers will do, you'll want to upgrade your amp though; that'll make a much bigger difference to your tone than any new guitar will through what you have now.
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I play in a prog-metal band and I use a variety of guitars: PRS CE22, Epiphone G-400, Squier Telecaster, LP Clone just to name a few. As long as the pickups are decent for you and your amp is OK (and your chops are also) you can use any guitar you want
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Here's one you might like, a Fernandes Dragonfly Elite (with Sustainer & killswitch):


And a Dragonfly Pro (with Sustainer):

And a Monterey Elite (with Sustainer):

Why 3 used Fernandes guitars with Sustainer? Because Fernandes makes a good guitar, and the Sustainer lets you do nifty tricks with sustain & harmonics when you aren't doing runs of 32nd notes.
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Cool, thanks for the advice. I am planning on getting a better amp as well once I've saved up a bit.