My Goth Explorer has some decent sounding pickups...part of the time. When they get loud, they lose articulation, fast. It just ends up sounding like a muddy mess. I know that a lot of the time, replacing the wiring and pots can make a lot more difference than even changing pickups, so I assume if I changed the electronics to PROPER wiring and such, it will sound at least SOMEWHAT better. My only problem is that I'm limited on finances, so even if I can get the proper supplies for a cheap price, I'll have to do it all myself.

I've never soldered anything, but I know plenty of people that have made a living doing it, so that won't be a problem, and I assume just getting everything ready for some one to solder wouldn't be too hard, either. So my main question is: about how much would it cost and where could I purchase it? I'm honestly not TOO against the idea of bypassing the pots altogether and just wiring the pickups directly to the pickup changer and output jack. I know that it will make the pickups have a lot more treble...but I like that.
If you take a day or two to practice soldering, your skills will improve. Maybe study You Tube soldering videos a bit. Practice before trying to solder on real parts. It's not that hard. Take a little time to learn a new skill.