Hey UG,

I've just reinstalled windows xp on my desktop pc, and I can't seem to connect to the internet. I have a wireless router setup. The desktop is connected to the router by cable directly, and the laptop I'm currently using to post is connected wireless-ly (obviously it's working, or esle I wouldn't be posting).

Now the "symptoms"

1. Under "network connections" in control panel, under "LAN or High-Speed Internet" i have a enable connection called "1394 connection", the little computer icons are green, the connection says it's "connected, firewalled", however internet explorer can't load any site.

2. I have the windows firewall switched OFF.

3. When I type in "ipconfig" in the command promt, I only get the message "Windows IP configuration".

Please help me out here, the desktop PC is the center of my home studio I'm working on, and I really need the internet on it.
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The only ideas I have are:
• Go to the Control Panel > Network and Internet Connections and then to try each of the tasks available on your pc.
• Call a techguy to come to your house (costs money but more likely to get fixed relatively soon)
• Search your exact problem on YouTube or the Windows website for the tutorial.

Sorry if this doesn't help but they're the only ways I think that you would be able to sort this problem out
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With XP you need to have network drivers installed to be able to get online. Find the network/LAN drivers for your motherboard and put them on a USB drive so you can install them offline.

Of course you'll need to be online to get them so you'll need a computer that can get online.

Or, if you have the driver install CDs that came with the computer, they should have those drivers on there.

Once those network drivers are installed you can go online and update everything.
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edit: ^ that

You're probably missing some network drivers. Go to your device manager (rclick my computer -> hardware -> device manager on XP IIRC) and look for any yellow triangles. Rclick and reinstall or something, you'll probably need to download them from another computer.
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Have you tried not using internet explorer?
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As others have said, install network drivers for your network card/chip.
If they are installed, re-install them.
Or update them.

BTW...there is a computer thread here.