Hey guys,
I've had my Maxon for a while and about 2 months back it started creating feedback, not from too much gain, the actual pedal itself would cause feedback until I switched it off. When I do switch it on and off, the sound of the switch goes through the amp.
It's almost as if the pedal is acting as a pick-up but I'm baffled to why. I've sent it back to Maxon to get it fixed under warranty and it does it slightly less, but the issue is still there

I use this set-up in the picture (although the orange cab isn't mine) usually with the Maxon set to
Drive: 0 Tone: Half Volume: Full
but at the moment I've changed those to try and cut down on the feedback

Any tips? I've heard of running the Maxon through a NS-2 in the X-Pattern but I have no idea how that works

EDIT: Remembered to actually put the picture in this time
Have you tried the pedal through someone else's rig? (ie using their leads, amp guitar etc.)
If it still doesn't work properly in another rig than it is definitely a problem with the pedal and I personally would be asking for a brand new one.