Question about my plan to use drum machine to make beats through interface / DAW?

Sorry, I'm not a drummer, and I'm struggling to make decent beats to go along with some songs. I wanted to use a drum machine in a way that I'm not sure makes sense, and I'd like some feedback before I waste my time on a hopeless task.

I'm using Reaper, and I've been playing around with the midi / piano role method of making beats. I have two problems.

First, the variety of drum options seems limited. I have not forked out any money, so I've got a couple free drum VST's and there just does not seem to be much there in terms of choices.

Second, in working out some of my songs, I had worked out beats using a drum machine (Alesis SR16) and I like those beats and, in particular, the type of percussion sounds I'm getting from the drum machine. So even if I found better free virtual drums with more sound options, or broke down and bought one, I'd have to spend a lot of time hunting to find the sounds I have already found on my drum machine to recreate those beats.

I can run the drum machine into reaper, but I cannot get my drum machine bpm to match Reaper's bpm. I've read up on this, and it appears there is no fix (or any fix is way beyond my abilities). I really need my beats to match up to Reaper's bpm so I can cut & paste and stuff like that in Reaper, using the measures as guides.

I could just record live using the drum machine as an instrument through my interface, but I'm not a drummer, and I don't think my timing is good enough to get the beats where I want them. It took me a lot of trial and error to get the beats how I like them on the drum machine. Ultimately, I like being able to make beats through a piano-roll type system, using point and click to put them exactly where I want them.

Which leaves me to this thought: Can I take the drum sounds from my drum machine and sample each sound and assign it to a line on the midi piano roll, so I can then plug it in where ever I want?

Sorry, maybe this is too confusing to get any advice.