I've been playing for about 7 years and has the thought that i should make a practice routine but i have no idea how to make one...i do already start off doing chromatic s down to the 12 fret. And then pentatonics. What ways could i add to this routine
Personally, I really like Guthrie Govans books, Creative Guitar 1 & 2.

They won't give you a routine, exactly, but they will give you a shed load of ideas for what to incorporate.

They include routines for finger independence, alternate picking, legato, tapping...loads of good stuff.
I just play songs with techniques in it or if it's scales and stuff I normally try and find theme tunes and stuff within those patterns, thus learning them.

That way it's not regimented and boring.
Yeah. I'm a bit weird. 30-60 minutes a day sat meditating, I.e. doing nothing at all, means a couple of hours doing drills is relatively exciting

I wouldn't suggest spending more than 25% of ones available time in drilling. Many years ago I used to do 2-3 hours of drills each day. Now I do 15-30 minutes...