i finally bought myself an electric guitar after 10 years of the same acoustic :P, im loving it, but accidentally slipped and chipped the edge today im really gutted and have been scouring the internet for a solution to fix it, so far the best method ive seen is with glue and colour where it it layered in the dent then excess scraped off etc, but i dont think this would work for my guitar because it is chipped on the edge,

would really appreciate anyones help with this
thanks, Michael
ps all the white dotty things is dust i think as theyre not visable except in the photo
pps i think this is the right forum to post in? not sure so sorry if its not
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Its gonna happen again so me myself
I would let it go but some black nail polish
might work use a bit of wood filler first sand
it down and see what happens.
Take it to a crash repairer and get them to colour match the paint and give you a small sample tin, it might cost you a little bit but then you'll always have the correct colour for touch ups, not withstanding fading of the original finish etc. I personally wouldn't bother, as the post above says, its gunna happen again, its the nature of the beast. Its called mojo.
Out of interest what guitar is it anyway? I had something similar happen to my telecaster & I ended up sanding it and making it worse :S Just leave it. The first dent always hurts the most.
If the guitar is a cheapie, then the alternative of having someone professionally fix it is out the window. Ding repair can be expensive. Have you looked at the StewMac site?


Even though your repair is on the corner, I still think this is going to be your best bet. While something like that could happen again, it's totally up to the owner to decide if the damage adds mojo, or detracts from the guitar's appearance. On a vintage instrument, I'd probably leave it alone, since a repair can actually hurt the value.
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If its a poly finish, just use superglue to fill and stabilize it. Sand, polish and forget about it.
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Thanks guys for the suggestions, ahappysloth its a greg bennet interceptor i think made by samick, and KG6_Steven thats the exact video i watched on youtube before haha, i guess i might try that if im feeling brave or i might jst use the nail polish idea and touch up the non black areas so its not too obvious,
well thanks guys for ur quick responses ill keep checking this thread for a few more days just incase anyone else has any ideas