Hello everyone!

I have chosen for my senior project to construct a guitar. I chose this because of my love and adoration for the instrument, and this would seem right up my alley. However there is the one small minor fact. I have no prior experience with building a guitar, so I'm hoping you guys would assist me!

I would like tips on what to get and how to tackle this project as a beginner. My school has given me full access to the wood shop, but I have to provide my own wood.

I want the instrument to have the capability of playing a wide variety of sounds, but mostly used for bluesy and rock kinda stuff.

Anything helps!
There's absolutely no reason why you can't do this, and most people here have done the same thing. My only advice would be to keep your expectations realistic and keep the project simple. Be sure to set yourself a strict budget, also.

Do you know any luthiers or have any reference material to follow?
I doubt if you woodshop has the tools required to make a guitar neck. And you building one right is going to take tools, time, and practice.
I helped Mentor a High School student a few years ago with the same idea. We ended up restoring an archtop guitar found on Ebay. That was hard enough for him.
I suggest building a good kit instead of trying to build a complete guitar. Consider buying the neck and building the body maybe.
You will be challenged enough with a kit build, learning finishing, setup, electronics, etc. I think trying to build a complete guitar for the first time is more work than you need to take on.
I'm building a great kit ES-175 guitar from R.M.Olson guitars. Check out that build at www.realmusiciansforum.com. I'm Guitbuilder there also. You will see what it takes to build a good kit from me and the other builders of kits there. You tube will show you what's required to build a complete guitar.
You can do a guitar build as a Senior Project, but from scratch I don't recommend. Good luck.
I do have one or two luthiers around the area somewhere that could help, and for reference, the internet completely. :P

I don't plan on making like an extreme shaped guitar or anything, just the basic body and such.

So what's all involved in the kit? I realize that would be much easier than sawing everything out, but, like I said, have little to no experience with the realm of constructing a guitar. I assume it has to be much more than a "color-by-number" approach? If a kit is what you recommend, what kind should I get and by wary of?
You're looking at a setup like this in a kit:

The bodies will almost definitely require fine sanding and finishing, and the hardware is as good as you'd get on budget guitars.
You get what you pay for. A cheap kit might be more trouble to build right than building a better kit. And a finished cheap kit will be a finished cheap guitar, no matter how well you build it.
My amazing Maple veneer ES-175 kit came from www.rmolsonguitars.com. Robert sells quality kits, but has a limited inventory. You have to email him, telling him what you might want. He has ES-335's, Les Paul's, Double cutaways, but I don't know what's left in stock.
His kits come with the tuners, hardware, strings, wiring harness, and pickups.
I think they're all have set Mahogany necks, not bolt on ones.