So this guy is selling this guitar and said it is a USA made custom Jackson model.
Could you help me in identifying the model or tell me whether its original or fake copy?

Image 1 :

Image 2 :
I'm no Jackson expert, but that doesn't look quite right.
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Yeah, looks kinda weird.
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That looks wretched.
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Quote by Blackfire.
Oh it's custom alright. Custom spray paint job in his backyard shed...

Yeah, I think it's a spray paint or something like that, the finish is ****ing horrible, this guy painted pickups and everything, and I've also never seen a guitar with the back of the head painted while the neck has natural finish. Don't buy it.
Also, the vast majority of jackson customs have a neck-through construction. This is a bolt on. Much more likely to be a very low end jackson. He is very likely trying to trick you.
I'd ask for a serial number. If that is real, it's one fugly ass Jackson USA Custom.
There's a VERY slim possibility it's some kind of Jackson Dinky model, but even if the entire thing was legit Jackson it wouldn't be a USA model, let alone a Custom Shop job. Just about every Jackson I've ever seen from the 90s onward states "Made in USA" and "Custom Shop" explicitly on the headstock. From what I can see that has neither, so if it is a real Jackson it's far lower end than Custom Shop.