Good sound-scape music... nice repeating riff. It needs one more layer in a higher octave... another synth melody to add to the complexity.
Hey man,

Very cool. You manage to make a very odd time signature feel comfortable, which I feel is a real talent. Nice texture while remaining musical. As one person already suggested, maybe another layer or two, but not completely necessary, just might be cool. Nice feel of progression, too.
Thanks for the review! It honestly doesn't sound like you're trying to make it in a weird time signature just for the sake of it, because it sounds very cool. Really digging how you slowly layered instruments on, and the car sounds are an interesting touch. The ending was very different, but fit in quite nicely. Overall, great work!

EDIT: Also, your signature made me laugh out loud.
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Thanks for comment.
Your song is pretty and has some nice vibe in it. Reminds me of Tycho. All transitions between parts are so nice, i didn't even noticed them at first listen. Really liked it.
Its very smooth and mellow. The drums are interesting, but seem a little off at times. It gets a little repetitive at times, but reminds me of iio and Rhye. A very cool feel!
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Really cool vibe. It builds really really nicely with the drums and added guitar layering. It sounds really smooth and relaxing for something with such a weird time signature. The really high reverbed out voice seems to come in really abruptly though. I like how it broke down a lot to only bass with drum sounds. Really cool dynamics. If it was a liiittle bit shorter, I'd feel more inclined as a listener to come back again and again to it, but the length is far from a big issue. This is really really cool stuff, dude.