Hey guys, another post from me.

There's this opportunity to apply for work in an educational structure (pre-college, free studies for kids type of place), and I'm thinking to apply with a workshop idea.

Now I have the basic pan which is to teach them music recording and mixing. Every kid would be able to enroll as a musician, engineer, DJ or anything along those lines according to what skills they have. They'd all be involved in the process in one way or another.

The question is, I'm trying to brainstorm here, and come up with a juicy idea that won't get rejected. so a question to you: what would you want to study in particular in a place like this? Music-production, but what in particular? What would make you enroll for such a class?

let's hear them opinions

PS. also just another idea, may be make a inside radio for that structure and have kids DJ and play music from their fellow musicians? Have different shows with live musicians and stuff. The project would include development of the production skills in kids with the goal of setting up a inside-radio for the building (may be later going into online radio) with kids.
haha wouldn't mind the dubskids really , a workshop on radio/music production/broadcasting would be a really cool thing to work in, I could also borrow kids from the media/web design class to setup a website for instance, have other kids contact the DJs to get featured on the show, I'd also get the kids to contact actual music bands for permission to play their music on the radio and stuff. Pretty nice and adaptable idea.