Hi. I really want something with a quality sound and that'll last me a while.


Around 500-650 bucks.


I play mostly rock. I really don't like playing metal so something that heavy is not the sound I'm looking for. My fav bands are Muse, Green day, RHCP, I also like lots of classic rock.

New or Used?


Home or Gig?

Home, maybe gig in about a year.

Closest City?

Well, I live in Serbia. Nis?

Current Gear?

Fender 15G amp and an IbanezART120 guitar.

Thank you.
I'd say go with... Anything really...

Tube Marshalls, Jet City, Carvin, Crate, Laney, Peavey... Pushed they can get pretty metal tones but you can easily dial them to whatever you need

I'm sure most of those bands run JCMs or something of the sort
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Bok sused.
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