Ok, so I want to start recording properly, but I have no idea what I actually need. My brother bought me Cubase LE6 and a recording device a while back, but the recorder met an untimely end a while back. So exactly what hardware do I need to get going...

I know I need a decent microphone and some sort of thing with inputs for XLR and Jack(I don't know what they're called, that's how bad I am). Any recommendations/tips?

Although I'm just getting started, I am willing to spend a fair amount if it's going to result in quality recordings

(I realise this probably seems like quite a common thread, but I do literally want advice on everything I need to start up a home studio, so thought I should make my own)
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Firstly you're going to need a PC or Mac with a good processor and enough RAM (4GB+ should be fine, could work with 2GB at a push).

some sort of thing with inputs for XLR and Jack

^ Refer to this sticky here, it has nearly all the information you're going to need. Personally I wouldn't go all out on expensive equipment as a beginner. You're going to be terrible - like all of us were when we started. Learn how to use cheaper equipment and get good using those because expensive equipment will not make you sound better (most of the time as a beginner).

As well as interfaces and mics you can buy studio monitoring speakers (studio monitors) for mixing/mastering. For a beginner, this is most of the stuff you will need for a while.
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