Selling a Marshall JCM800 Combo Amplifier.

Although the amp has been used quite regularly and is a little rusty on the finish, it is still a fully functional powerhouse which still creates powerful, distinctive tones. It features a foot switch that operates two channels (lead/rhythm).

It's as vintage as it gets. Bare bones, no built in effects, and a full proof interface.

Runs off of two, 50 watt, EL34 tubes.

Asking price: $850.

100 Watt Output (RMS)
3 Band EQ
Pre-Amp Valves - 3 x EEC83
Power Amp Valves - 4 x EL34
Series FX Loop
Dimensions - 750 x 310 x 210
Weight (kg) - 20.5

Had some trouble uploading photos so if interested please email tumminieri@hotmail.com for photos regarding the product.