So after 7 years of conforming with my acoustic guitar, I have decided to purchase my first electric guitar, and because I don't want to make a bad choice, I've come to you awesome lot for some advice.

I'm looking for something between £200 - £500, so nothing cheap, but not exactly anything overwhelming good for this moment in time. I'm also looking for a guitar that will be suitable for my indie, as well as my metalcore taste in music, satisfying both these genres in design as well as sound.

If any of you have any suggestions, please reply, though if what I just said is complete balls, tell me what to look for.

Thank you
probably an HSS strat or superstrat.

lots of companies make them as well as fender- godin, fret king (you can get some good deals on the blue label superstrats for ~£400 at the moment), ibanez etc. Also Fender.

do you need to get an amp out of that budget too?
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In the Godins, look for a used Velocity (HSS) or Freeway SA (HSH), or maybe a new or used Session. I saw a Freeway on eBay with a nice flamed top that might be in your price range...

With Fret-King, check out the Super 60HB, Super 60SP, Esprit 3, Esprit 5, or Ventura Super 60SSH. Sme of th Elans may work, too. Check out Frets Guitar Centre- the good people who helped me get my Super 60HB to Texas- or Ivor Maraints' eBay selection. They have good prices on b-stocks.

Reverend offers the Double Agent, which has a HB in the bridge and a P90 in the neck.
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I only have 2 electric guitars, but the Ibanez GRG170DX's are great and only cost around $250

Jackson Kelly JS32T's cost about $450 and are great and because they're only a string through guitar, you don't have to worry about random detuning and strings breaking, and they play great in drop C!