Hello! I am really looking into the Engl Savage 120, I know Necrophagist played these amps aswell as the ENGL SE. I am currently playing on a Splawn Nitro and it's super rad but I play alot of technical death metal and it seems Necrophagist had a good sound with the Savage and so I am more looking into it. If anyone has a Savage and could give me some input that would be super rad, or if you have any input at all that would be swell! Thanks!
Should be worth getting. Your Splawn is like a hot-rodded Marshall and an Engl would be quite different sounding.
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i have the savage se. The one thing i'm not so fussed on is how the smooth/rough settings on the lead channel(s) are very different sounding, and also the smooth setting is quieter than rough- which means you can't really switch between the two on the fly, which is a pain. At higher volumes I think the difference is a bit less (I only play at home). But yeah, it's worth pointing out.

I haven't tried your splawn, they have a good rep. I'm not sure how different the engl would sound, along with the blackmore the savage is almost sort of like engl's hot-rod marshally sounding amp, but it doesn't sound or feel exactly like a marshall either, if that makes sense. it still sounds like an engl.

up to you, really. I'm guessing you're in america since you have a splawn (could be wrong), and if so, there may well be better-value options than engl available, too.

EDIT: the SE is really good, but also really dear. I'm not sure it's worth it if you have room for more than one amp (and from the sounds of things, you do).
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