OK, I have been playing guitar for a long time but it's been a few years since I've had an electric. Currently I just have it hooked up to a small practice amp. Yesterday I noticed I was getting static or a buzzing when I turned it on. I know it could be the pot in my guitar since it will only be present when I have the volume control at any point asides from all the way up.

So, it will buzz if the volume on my guitar is not at full, then it goes away completely. The really odd thing is that it will happen with the tone control as well. Only when both the volume knob is at full AND the tone knob is all the way to one side (the bassier side) will I not get any static at all. Otherwise I will have a loud buzz.

I mainly find it odd that both controls contribute to the issue and somehow seem coupled. Has anyone had this happen? I have no problem taking the guitar apart and checking the solder connections or even replacing the pot(s) but I'd rather not if that is not the issue. I have swapped cords out just to see if maybe it was an old cord. No change.

Probably a grounding problem, could be the wiring or the pots themselves. Can you try a different amp? I know my little practice amp un-grounded itself once. And what kind of guitar is it?