Hey guys, so some of you may have heard one or two of the bazillion versions of this song that I've posted. I'm currently at what I consider the highest quality I can do with my gear. I'm still not fully happy with the drum sounds but I don't know what else I can really do to fill out the sound any more than it already is. Certainly beats the hell out of my previous versions

Let me know what you think and give any (harsh) criticisms you can, any tips help. Feel free to comment on anything really, tones, flow, etc.

https://soundcloud.com/the-left-turns/white-holes-3-5 - BETTER SOUND

Thanks! Just link me your sound(s) and I'll review em ASAP!
Music must be honest to be timeless.
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Updated the song a bit, I noticed some annoying clipping going on with the snare and overall clarity. This one's significantly better
Music must be honest to be timeless.
First of all, love the song name. Everything sounds clean and professional. Arrangement is cool, heavy, melodic where it should be. Prog is definitively the proper genre to call it. Are these real drums or are they programmed? And what DAW did you use?

C4C? I'd greatly appreciate it https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31874642#post31874642
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Thanks! I use Toontrack's Superior Drummer in Reaper (DAW). The Drum kit is actually the Metalheads one from EZDrummer as I previously used that.
Music must be honest to be timeless.