I installed a new pickup in my les paul and there's no sound. I checked it with a multimeter and it works fine.

I'm sure I soldered everything correctly. The existing neck pickup works in the neck and middle positions. The bridge pickup doesn't work when I switch to it.

I tested the wires with my multimeter and there is continuity. What's going on here? Do I have a bad volume pot? Maybe a short somewhere killing the sound? I resoldered a few wires and it's still not working.
Are sure you didn't fry that one pot? If you scraped messed up solder off several times, you may have. I would take it to your local guitar store and have a tech check it out properly.
Set the switch so that both pickups are selected. Turn tie volume and tone pots all the way up. Set your ohm meter to the lowest range.

Clip one of your ohm meter leads to a ground point and the other lead to various points that SHOULD NOT be grounded (jack hot, pup switch, 3rd lug of volume pot). There should be no shorts or low-resistance readings.

Edit (just saw the pic): actually, forget all that. Completely dismantle the wiring harness and clean out all the solder lugs, strip/re-tin all the wires, and start over from scratch with a proper wiring diagram. Your soldering is atrocious... No wonder it doesn't work.
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Strip it, clean it, start again.

Practice soldering on scrap metal, scrap wire, etc, until you understand the thermal mechanics of joint heating and solder wetting before you even begin to attempt this again
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