SX makes decent Chinese strat copies. It won’t be a great guitar, but it probably won’t have any major defects, either. You could do a lot worse for $120.
Sx used to be nice mod-platform guitars, I dunno how they are now. If you know how to set it up it can do the trip for a while. Mind you that you will need to change the electronics at some point. For 120$ new it's hard to find something better imho.
At that price it can't be beaten, but you'll want to look at a better price range.
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That's good enough for me.

I don't anticipate doing anything to it. My plan is to learn to play enough just to justify to my wife that a higher quality guitar is worth the expense. I'll probably ask for a MiM Fender Strat at that point.
Then i'll have the sx available for my kids.
You might also want to look at a Dean Vendetta. One of the best low end guitars on the market today.
i own an SX Hawk. it's a good guitar and i'm happy with it, but it's an older version with a more Fender-like headstock.

I don't think you'll find a better Strat-style guitar for the price, BUT a Squier Bullet will be close. I actually would go for the Bullet due to the Fender headstock shape. But this Hawk has a pretty cool body.
So far the SX is the one I'm most interested in because I really dig the body on that particular model. I love blue guitars, especially darker blues like a royal or navy.

If anyone knows of a Strat or Ibanez style double cutout guitar with a pretty blue body and a solid white stripe (or two) that is in the same price range and doesn't totally suck, I'd be happy to see it. SSS configuration is mildly preferred but I might be willing to forget about that if the guitar looks totally awesome.

Oh here's one that's pretty close.

This is cool too. I like the body and the tri-stripe a lot.

Any cheap beginner guitars that have that sort of look?
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Typically the stripe is actually a strip of wood and denotes a set neck, which you would not get for budget money. I suggest getting a guitar that suits you and feels good then you add the stripe yourself.