Hello, and I am sorry if this is the wrong place, but it seemed the correct area of the forum.
As a child, I was learning classical guitar, learnt the basics, music reading and so forth.

At 13, I was hit by a car by a drunk on the pavement, and suffered bad injuries at the time.
I recovered well, but a lot of previous things I have trouble remembering.
Unfortunately, guitar is one of these.

I can currently only read tab, and honestly know NO theory.

I still listen to classical, but mainly listen to metal nowadays, if that matters to my learning path.

You seemed like a friendly community here, so I wondered if anyone could recommend where I should start? I would like to do it myself, and at this stage if there are any free places I can learn basic theory, including chords, reading and so forth. I still have the books from when I was a child, but the music looks like a different language to me, which is very frustrating as my family tell me I used to be very good and could play all the books I own.

Anyway, I hope someone takes the time to read this, and thanks in advance.
Without you saying something like, "I want to play Metal" or "I want to be a classical guitarist", all we can do is vaguely point you towards learning music theory.

To answer your question, for theory, go to musictheory.net. That should teach you about how to read music, chords (how they're constructed, how they function harmonically, etc.), and so forth. The site covers most of the common theory topics.
Ok sorry for being vague in my first post, I want to mainly play metal as have myself a nice ESP to learn on . ( Or Relearn if you look at it that way ).

I do not wish to limit myself to one genre however, and my goals are to become good ( aren't everybody's? ), have fun, and maybe play with a band. As long as I'm enjoying myself, I am happy.

I have enough time to put in also, as my work is quite low hours.

crazysam23_Atax, thanks for the link to that site, that should help me a lot.
Any one else with any input/advice would be much appreciated, and again, thanks in advance.