hey guys im starting a music production course in a months time i was hoping you guys could recommend me some books or websites to read through to warm me up ? ive had a fair bit of experience working with daw's but my actual knowledge is minimum lol

I've done a music production course. I wouldn't bother reading anything really, just have fun. I had a shitload of fun doing it.
If you're going that way, Bobby Owsinski's Mixing Engineer's Handbook is great. Also there's an Recording Engineer's Handbook and Mastering Engineer's Handbook
I highly recommend The Recording Engineer's Handbook by Bobby Owsinski. Also, Home Recording For Musicians for Dummies by Jeff Strong is a good read. I have both of them here in my home studio.
Mike Senior's "Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio" and Ermin Hamidovic's "The Systematic Mixing Guide" are supposed to be quite good (I'm only halfway through each, but so far they seem quite good).
Sound and Recording: A Beginners Guide by Rumsey/McCormick.

This is an incredible book. It teaches you the fundamentals and operating principals of sound and audio recording equipment. It's really useful!
For mixing this is the best source i've came thru' www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEjOdqZFvhY

I have the popular book 'Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio'. It is not for learning, it is just some good tips in a cesspool of small talk. I do not recommend.
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Zen & Art of Mixing by Mixerman

Its less about actual mixing and more on the mindset of mixing and what actually goes into a good mix.
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