So...i have this guitar "Admira Carmen" i searched the internet and i found very little about it...can please someone tell me is it good????It is around 30-40 yr old....i dont know how many money can i get for it because it is rare...i think it is handmade...there are guitars simular with same name and sticker but front "panel is litlle difrent"...maybe it is unique...pls help.....Sry for bad English..
Have you played it? That's the best way to know if it's good.

But by asking how much money you can get for it makes me think your not that big of a player.........Cause the sound/tone determines the value to me.

Anyways, not sure what search engine your using but here is the first site that came up on google for me.


and the next one was a link to this site.......

yea... i am not a guitar player...i play Tamburitza...i wanted to know what value should it be..should i keep it or sell it...i didnt heard about this brand and it is unknown to me...
Well this company seems to still be going strong, so that's a good thing.

I would try contacting them by phone or email and asking them about the particular model you have. I'm sure the company will tell you everything you want to know about it.....including the original "msrp" or price that they were sold for. Then you'll have somewhere to start.