My school is tight on uniform and I don't wanna conform to every single rule they have in place. Could I tweak the rules somehow and be a bit more punk?

Blue Navy Jumper w/ school crest on the left.
Black trousers.
Black shoes.
Red and blue striped tie.
Light blue shirt.

I'm already gonna wear black converse and put safety pins and patches on my bag. I have a pretty sweet parka jacket that I'm gonna put patches on. I already have the scene kid fringe complete with undercut and all. Gonna be wearing studded/bullet belts too.

Any other ideas? School starts tomorrow.

(This is completely not serious >.>
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isn't that outfit rather punk and actually extremely dapper?
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You realise that regardless of whether you "technically" are in line with the rules, teachers can just tell you to change whatever anyway?

Regardless of whether they're technically "black shoes", I'd think most schools wouldn't let you wear converse, and depending on how you look overall they could just tell you not to wear a studded belt if they didn't like it. Coat and bag are pretty much the only places you have free reign, but in part because you have to take them off in lessons and such.

And no, I don't believe you're not serious.
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(This is completely not serious >.>

Okay then
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