I want to pimp my bass, a squier p-bass, mostly for recording and jaming with friends. That means:I'll change the pick ups, pots and jack and maybe the pickguard. I'm also going to get strap locks because the back pin (The one that's right behind the bridge) fell out.

I'm quite probably getting SPB-3s and Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinkies.

So now the questions:
1. Which pots do I need? I know which sort, but not which resistance.
2. How should go about filling the old hole?
3. Any recomended brands?

I intend to use it for pop-punk and "hardcore"-ish stuff (Title Fight, Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Such Gold, bla bla bla).

Also, I don't own an amp. I'll use Amplitube AmpegSVX as an amp.
1. 250k pots for single coils is the norm. You will likely already have those pots in the bass though, so no point in replacing them unless you're going to get some really high quality ones. No point in replacing the jack either unless it feels loose, the sound is cutting out when you move the cable, or you're using active pickups (which you're not).
2. You mean the strap button screw hole? You just fill it up with a bit of wood dust and stick some wood glue in there.
3. brands for what?

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1. The pots are really crappy and they are all askew. The jack too.
2. Yep. Thanks a lot.
3. Brands you would recomend me to buy.
Quote by zerkein

3. Brands you would recomend me to buy.

Where do I start? Badass bass bridge sounds good. CTS and Alpha pots are usually good quality. I'm not sure if you can get any branded jack plugs, they're usually just pretty cheap. Same thing with pickguards. You could get a Fender one, but they are expensive, and I'm not sure they would fit your bass anyway. Dunlop and Warwick are good brands for strap locks.

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Well, I guess I messed up somewhere. I am not looking to swap my bridge, but still thanks for the suggestion.

Thank for the comments. I'll keep you up to date.
Would also recommend Gotoh bridges. Stuck one on my jazz and it helped - cheaper and more readily available in the UK than Badass.

What colour is the bass? And is the fretboard maple or rosewood? A nice pickguard change may not got amiss.