Selling a half stack, the Kustom HD100 is a 100 watt amp, suited towards rock/metal
The amp is now discontinued, but I think my amp was made in the early 2000s
It is in good working condition, with a few scuffs here and there.

Specific details:

Is a hybrid amp with a tube preamp
100 watts of power, with a 4 ohm load
2 channels, one clean and one gain channel with an inbuilt boost
inbuilt fx - 2x reverb, chorus, tremolo, delay

I brought it used from eBay in May this year and have used it as an upgrade from my line 6 spider. It is my first half stack and I find it blows my spider out of the water in terms of tones. Used it to play some lamb of god, slayer and other bands like that. The inbuilt gain is decent for a Non tube amp. I find the cleans on it are quite nice too, with quite a lot of headroom given the wattage.

Selling as I feel about ready to go out and get a tube amp, and also might need the money for an audio interface to record with.

Over all, I'd say this is a good amp to buy if your a rock/metal player that needs a loud amp for gigging, or if you want to upgrade from a starter amp. Be warned though, to get the best tones you will need to turn it up fairly loud.

I'd prefer to sell the amp and cab together but I could possibly work out a deal to sell individually.

Also selling a Boss MT-2 metalzone distortion pedal

All working as it should do, I find I had good use for it with my previous amp but now with the new amp I found that I prefer the inbuilt gain and have no use for this pedal.

Willing to haggle prices and if you wish to trade, make me an offer.

Selling from around the Salisbury area.

Request pics if you are interested.