What is your favourite lyric, maximum one verse or chorus, and why.
Mine is either Rancid-Black Derby Jacket, verse 2 (1st half)
'I never needed much, never liked to loom.
But a gesture can get me from across the room.
The first night we talked 'til the sun caught up,
Transparent people melt all around us.'
Because it sums up how I feel about this girl, we talk all night, but I can't bring my self too say how I feel.
Rancid-She's Automatic, verse 3
'My head was spinning, a million miles an hour.
The chance I was taking, I get anxious around her.
She put her head on my shoulder, I started to hold her,
Swinging and swaying the morning begun.'
'Cause the entire song almost perfectly summarises the night I realised how I felt...

Now you go...
It's hard for me to pick a favorite, but one line that's always stood out to me is this one from Gimme Danger by Iggy and the Stooges. "There's nothing in my dreams, just some ugly memories/Kiss me like the ocean breeze"

Besides that, Working Class Hero by John Lennon is probably my all-time favorite song as far as lyrics go.