Hi GB&C,

So a while ago a friend gave me his Pod 2.0 to fix (it had a cracked/broken power socket that needed replacing). I tried to get in touch with Line 6 customer support to get a replacement power socket but never managed to get through to them. I kind of forgot about the pod until I moved house a few days ago, but having found it again and managed to find a power socket, I installed it in place of the old one this afternoon.

As it's not an official one, it didn't fit in the same way and is installed with wires and is kinda dangling out of the body of the pedal, but I plugged in a standard 9V power supply (not an official Line 6 one), and sure enough it powers up as it's supposed to. The problem is, I can't get any sound out of it, either through the outputs, or headphone socket.

Is it possible that I've installed the power socket incorrectly (it did seem to have only 2 attachment points instead of the the 3 that the previous one had, so I installed in in the way that seemed most logical) and that's why I can't get any sound out? It's a PCB and all of the solder joints look fine for the inputs and outputs, so I can't really think what the problem would be.

I'll get a picture of how I soldered the socket and attach it in a little while, but does anyone have any ideas straight off the bat?
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