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Hey guys, I made a metal version of the Simpsons theme song https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_6bzWgkj-5w#t=85

What do you guys think? c4c

oh my god, man, that was so cool

do you make other songs like this, or is this your first??

if it's your first, please start making more theme tunes, metal based!
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Thanks man! Yeah it's my first one, hopefully will start doing more. cheers, glad you liked it
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Liked the vid.. a bit different lol.
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Cheers man, yeah finally sorted myself out with being able to record properly instead of having camera audio. Thanks for watching
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Thanks man, 2 vocal tracks. Double tracked everything but bass and drums....and the whisper at the end :P
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Thanks man! Listened to Plateau, its great. Really atmostpheric, feels like it'll build into something huge
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haha this is just awesome well done. May have made my day

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