Tell me about some upcoming concerts that you are going to that's got you hyped up. I just saw Black Sabbath in Toronto a few weeks ago. I know thats past us but i had to mention it.

As for Upcoming I got Lamb of God in Toronto on Oct 23 at Sound Academy. I hope they make that crudhole sound good. Also ZZ Top at Casino Rama. I know thats not metal but still it should be tight.

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Trivium on the 18th. Lamb of God, KSE, and Testament in November. It'll be my fourth time seeing Testament.
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Argus and Zuul tonight

Church of Misery and The Gates of Slumber in November ..
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Denouncement Pyre/Altars/Cauldron Black Ram in a few weeks; should be a blast

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Went to see Kamelot/Delain/Eklipse last Friday and it was pretty awesome. My first ever concert actually.
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I'm seriously considering Desertfest laterin the year. If Monarch! or Sunn O))) play again, I'll go, as with GY!BE or Swans. IDK otherwise. Might have to check last.fm and see what's on!
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Crowbar at Wedgewood Rooms on Wednesday. ****ing glorious, can't wait. Don't know much about the support acts, although I did see one of them; In The Hills at a pub once, they were kind of alright, not fussed about being late and missing them though.
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May 10th is Down and Black Label Society...So excited. Maybe If I'm lucky enough Phil and Zakk will play some pantera together, Phil's been playing alot at his PHA & the Illegals shows. That would be amazing.