Hi everyone! I'm new to posting but I read the forums all the time. Anyway.

I've been playing guitar for about a year now, and I guess I'd call myself 'okay'. I'm not near where I want to be, but I'm still learning. I'm 14 at the moment and I got my first guitar, a Squier Sp1 Parlor Acoustic when I was around 8, and gave up playing it until a year ago.
My brother gave up his electric to play football a few years earlier, so I started playing that one, too. It's a blue Squier Affinity, about 7 years old(?) in okay condition with no tremolo. I only have a dusty Crate, not sure of the model.
My birthday is coming up and I'm looking to upgrade, but not sure which to look for: a used MIM Fender Fat Strat or a new/used acoustic? My acoustic feels like a baby guitar at this point, but maybe I should put all my eggs in one basket and go with the electric? I'm not really sure. Does anyone have any advice on which to pick? I don't want to ask for anything over $325.
P.S.- I like to play stuff in the way of pure blues like B.B King and Muddy Waters, blues rock like Cream and ZZ Top, classic like Blue Oyster Cult and BOSTON, as well as progressive like Rush and Genesis.
P.S.S.- Would a Fat Strat(HSS) be better than a pure Stratocaster for what I play, or spread too thin?
It sounds like a new electric guitar would be the way to go since you play music that is largely on an electric, however, the $325 price point wouldn't be that much of an upgrade for the electric and a huge upgrade for the acoustic. How often do you use your acoustic?
Thanks for replying! Well I live in a split household, and have since I was little. I like to play my electric at my mother's house, since they don't mind hearing it when my step-brother plays his LP 24/7. I like my acoustic at my dad's house, which is where I primarily live at the moment. I'd be okay with it all if the guitar wasn't so small and didn't have a short fretboard. I'd say electric playing:acoustic playing is about 1:1.5, and I enjoy them both equally.
Oh, okay. It sounds like a new acoustic would be more practical, but how comfortable is it to play the electric?

Also; how much do you like the amp? A new guitar is always fun, but if your amp is a pretty poor then that can make you feel less motivated to play on the electric, so you could start thinking of an amp upgrade as well.
Well, it's an old, simple, cubed Crate. I don't have it with me at the moment. It has a pretty nice, chunky distorted sound when I lower the level and raise the gain, and a sharp clean sound when I do vice versa. I was thinking I could enhance both worlds with an HSS setup (with hopefully better single coil pickups) on a new MIM Fat Strat, but I'm not sure. I'm pretty sure the electric has 19 frets(?) and it's pretty comfortable, but the action is a little lower than I'd like. It also falls out of tune a little more than occasionally and the tone knobs don't seem to do much to the... tone. Otherwise, it's comfortable to hold and play with.
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I would go with an acoustic because if you wanted, you could take it back and forth. Also, you can get much more of an upgrade in that price range like morpho said. Get one that plays well, and you should be able to play most of the stuff you were talking about. I recommend this:
Cheap, and as good as anything I have heard in double that price range. Also, it is an acoustic/electric with decent electronics. It feels fantastic and looks great too (especially if you put a cheap pick guard on it).