id hate to follow along those same lines as scammers and spammers, but i really found proof that the news lies to you all; as if you didnt already know

a few days ago, for those of you who actually care about whats going on in the middle east, i saw as a caption on the news "Obama; 'no boots in Syria'', yet i heard from an actual marine today that the US military has been in Syria for over a month now. any person with an IQ over 50 knows that the US government isnt 100% truthful, but here is some (at-least semi-) legitimate proof that you really should do research before believing a word the news says.

again, i apologize for posting what is probably considered spam in this forum, but as members of the US, or even of the planet Earth, you have a right to know

once again, i apologize for those of you who dont care about what this post has to say. if you want to, go ahead and delete this post. i only posted in this forum so the people i know and care about could see this

and yes, this says almost exactly the same thing as my post in the chords/tabs forum. i did that on purpose because i care about what you all think. share this on any social media website if you care too
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