Okay guys i'm heading into my 9th month of playing on the guitar and i'm really having problems with my rhythm playing I've been lacking in it for quite some time i'm learning the killing me softly song in the Beginners course with the 3rd strumming pattern and it's quite hard. I'm having an extremely hard time changing to a G chord to a C chord using that specific pattern and the thing is that i'm only playing at 50 Bpm!

I was just wondering if anyone can help me develop a practice schedule based around rhythm playing I've already put the one minute changes into it but I need more ideas maybe something that will help me improve my strumming? I'm having trouble with that lol also I'm no where even close to playing the full song i'm having trouble with just 4 chords right now A minor, D major, G major,C major, they change positions after a bars been finished. Any advice I just don't want to sit down playing the same song for 4 hours that's just too tedious also don't refer me to the finger gym I already have that implemented in my practice schedule I need things catered to rhythm specifically.

If you've read this post i'd like to thank you for taking the time to cruise through it i'd greatly appreciate some responses! By the way i'm 18 so I have A lot of time on my hands i'm not starting college till January I currently don't have a job either I'm just living with my mother for now while also applying for jobs so as you can see I have an abundance of time on my hands..