I'm looking to get my Djent on with a 7 string but I'm non the wiser when it comes to choosing one that's going to serve me well enough to be a main guitar. Any recommendations?

I'd prefer it if it didn't have a FR Trem but I can still deal with it if it's a decent guitar. I'n terms of pickup config I don't really care but a HSH would be nice. Cheers
I picked up an Ibanez RGA7 for a few hundred bob and it's played really well for me. Use the money you save to get some EMGs, and it sounds djent as flip.
One of the Ibanez RG, RGA or S 7s would be nice. I think the fixed bride RG model is the RG7321. Probably the best entry-level 7 out there, and with a hardware and electronics swap it's killer. Not sure what the prices convert to in the UK, but here in the US they sell for around $350 new.

I've heard good things about the Agile Interceptor series, but I can't confirm that since I haven't played them. They seem to be pretty typical of your Korean-made guitars around the $500-$700 range.

The Schecter 7s are a mixed bag. Some of them are awesome, and others are pure crap. I'm not too keen on the Schecter model series, so I couldn't tell you which one to go with and which ones to stay away from, but I do know the better ones are usually around the $600-$800 range. The only thing about those is that the necks are REALLY thick. Just something to think about if you don't like big necks.

Carvin make outstanding 7s, but those might be a little bit out of your price range by a few hundred. The cool thing about Carvin is that everything is custom made so it can be a really stripped down model for $800 all the way up to the crazy high-end $2,500 model with all the bells and whistles. If you can save up the money, Carvin is the way to go.
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Might could try an LTD EX307 or V307. Sick guitars, real simple, but they should rip. I'm not sure of how prices are there, but the LTD SC607 wouldn't be bad either.

Really any of the LTD series 7 strings are pretty great buys, the 300 levels being the low end, but even the V307 and EX307 come with set necks and EMGs, along with a good build quality standard of most LTD guitars.
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