I would love to have some opinions on a few things:

1. Neck-Thru vs. Bolt on or Set Neck

2. Active vs. Passive

3. Floyd Rose Original Tremolos

4. Best Material for Guitar Construction (Wood)

5. How would you make wire channels in a guitar body? relative to construction method

6. 7 String Guitars

What sort of music do you play? And you're playing style?
1.Neck throughs will have a bit more sustain and more of the guitar will feel "together". They can be harder to perfect and takes a lot of sanding until you feel it feels right. Bolt on necks can be replaced and bought premade etc. Strats have these. Set necks, fuller sound, inbetween bolt on a neck through.
2. Again depends on the tone you want. Actives are typically lower noise and higher output, due to more gain from a powered circuit. They typically sound more aggressive and will drive an amp a bit harder. Lower output passives will sound a tad softer and maybe smoother.
3. Floyd Roses are great! Just buy a good one and they are typically no harder to put in than a strat trem. Requires routing and a locking nut to be used. Some say they suck tone/sustain - I dont feel that way. As long as you want to put up with the time consuming restrings and initial tune up, you'll fall in love.
4. Depends on your want for tone. Mahogany sounds darker than alder etc.
5. Drilling isn't too hard, just do it at the right time