I have to know: What are you using for drums? It might just be the compression (data and dynamics), but the cymbals are just... eww.
I still think the "basic gothenburg and breakdowns" formula needs to die, but maybe that's just me. Besides, using phrygian dominant helps this track stand out, even if it's just a bit.
Practice the tapping part of the solo, it's really off-beat.
You're getting there, but you've still got a way to go.
Oh, one more thing: putting your band page in the post and title makes it look like you're promoting your band, instead of looking for feedback on a song.
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Thanks for the detailed reply. Yeah, its quite a rough recording. Drums were tracked on fruityloops with some drum samples I downloaded. Really not good at mixing but atleast a decent mix. Will re-record everything once I get good enough feedback on the demo