i actually do not need help with this, im relatively good at it. but i was just curious about something; when people write vocals and instrument tracks, what do they do first? or at least which is the easiest? vocals then instrument, instrument then vocals, or at the same time?
I always write the music on my guitar first. I do have a couple notebooks filled with random literature that I've come up with and a lot of times that stuff ends up being transcribed into song lyrics.

Keep in mind, when you play for people it is much easier for them to groove on a great sound structure you made than think "wow, these lyrics are so deep and great"
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Hey man. It varies alot. Sometimes i write songs while playing a new piece i made on the guitar, but most often i'll randomly get a melody and music in my head while out walking my dog at night.. I always have my phone with me so i just sing into that.. I must have dousins of songs on it right now, just waiting to actually get played on guitar and sung..

A songwriter like John Mayer has said that 99.9 percent of the time, he makes the music before the lyrics. Bob Dylan often wrote the lyrics before music, and i heard somewhere that Noel Gallagher was also a mix of the two... There is no correct way of doing it, but like Snotfish said, its easier to make people feel the music than listen to the lyrics.. Only the real fans really care about lyrics, and thats the truth right Thats why beatles were so succesful in their first years. most of the lyrics on the first 2-3-4 albums were paperthin :p
But hey, Bob Dylan isn't know for his amazing melodies, but for his lyrics right? Do what you think is right! but don't over-complicate things. dont force it!
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yeah if you have the music ready then lyrics will naturally come due to you picking out what sounds best with that chord or note etc..... then you can just play around fitting different words into your song until it sounds write but some people do write lyrics first but that would be very hard without some sort of music...
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