Good day!
My question is this:
how to record guitar (when recording with effects), but to record the dry guitar on a computer?
That is: Guitar - Pedal Board - Combo - Shure SM57 - Audio Interface - PC (Cubase).
I would like the recording to play with stoned (with effects) and the real track was without effects (Delay, Reverb ...) except Distortion naturally.

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If you're recording your guitar dry, you can go straight from the guitar to the audio interface.

There's a whole sticky dedicated to the VSTs you'll need.
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Check out a reamper. I built one for cheap and it's essentially a DI box in reverse. Record the dry guitar through a DI box (sending one DI output to your amp so you can hear it and the other to the interface) then play the dry recorded signal through the reamp box and to your amp. You're free to mess with any effects, mic placement, and amp settings while the dry track plays through your effects chain and amp.