My band from Belgium, named Masters of Deception, have recorded 6 songs and are working on more as we speak! We don't have a vocalist yet, and the new (unrecorded) material is slightly more technical than the older stuff. Here are some links ;-)
Thanks for checking us out! Just tell me what you think and share some links, I'll make sure to follow/like/subscribe to you and comment on some work!
Yeah, this is a demo version, we usually add some little stuff here and there (e.g. drumfills are missing here) Thanks a lot for the comment by the way, It means a lot to us to be mosh-pit worthy
About your band, I think it's pretty good! Reminds me of some trivium, sylosis and melodeath in general. The vocals are well executed and the production is good, which is always a plus. I liked your facebook page for now, but might just end up buying this.