So after a quick google search, and a couple youtube videos I decided to build a cab based on a marshall 1960 lead cab. The "print" left alot to be desired, but did give overall dimensions, material used, and an idea of how the baffle is supposed to fit.

My cab ends up being the same length and height exactly, but about a half inch deeper. Marshall cabs are finger jointed, mine's screwed and glued. Marshall calls out 5/8" void free baltic birch plywood, mine's made of 3/4" home depot birch plywood. (my statement of being 1/2" deeper holds that in consieration)

Overall I'm happy with how its going after a few hours in the garage, heres a few pics of progress so far.

Top, bottom, and sides cut out, squared up, screwed and glued together.

Front overhang installed

baffle cut out and glued together to line up perfect.

Inside bracing

Back panel installed
heres a few more pics of how its sitting right now... will probably sit this way for a while I still need to order handles, casters, tolex, grill cloth, need to decide on speakers, etc... thinking Texas heats maybe. Anyhow heres what its looking like with a crappy old head to give perspective.

Thanks for looking. Any tips, advice, opinions are welcome.
Thanks for the good pic's!! Looks like it will turn out good. I'm going through a similar build right now too. A mini slant cabinet, with 4x8"s. My Tiny Terror will sit on top.
I would have done finger joints and added internal bracing.

But it looks pretty good for a first cab. Remember to put a center brace from the baffle to the back panel

How are you doing the grill cloth?

Good luck
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Looks good so far.

The speaker holes in the baffle are going to be a bitch to cut now that you have it all assembled. A router or jigsaw probably wont fit very easily now.

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..I was watching my death.
as far as getting a jigsaw in there, just drill a large hole in the center of the prospective speaker hole and cut from there.
Quote by DeathMetalJesus
as far as getting a jigsaw in there, just drill a large hole in the center of the prospective speaker hole and cut from there.

When I said he wouldn't be able to get the jigsaw in there easily, I meant the foot of the jigsaw would likely get in the way of doing the proper 6" radius.
..I was watching my death.
Heres a bunch more pics of how it got finished sorry I kindof lost interest with this thread for a while. Ended up getting some used celestion g12k-85's for it. Found all the material to cover it with at joann fabrics, and pirated the hardware off an old peavey cab.

Very NICE! I've never built a slant cabinet. Is that a non-backed vinyl? How do those Celestions sound?
Nice looking cab.
I did a 2x12 a few years ago ( https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=26372230 ).
I used an Alnico Gold along with a G12K-85.