I'm not amazing, but don't take the recordings on my profile as anything. Those are from many, many years ago. I'll post some new stuff soon. I've been away from this site for a long time, but I hunger for a band to play with so I figured I'd give the old UG forums a shot. If you're into djenty stuff like Periphery and Intervals that would help as that's my style. I'm still learning a lot about timing and expanding my knowledge of scales and modes, but I think that playing with some decently skilled musicians would help me along. I play a 7 string and I'm mostly looking for a drummer. I've got a friend who can probably play bass, and a step brother who's just an all around musical wiz and can produce, program and more for us. He's also a beast on the keys. I'd also consider a vocalist, but you have to be DARN good and I don't just mean at screaming. I'd rather be in an instrumental band than a band with a mediocre vocalist who ruins the music (sorry if that's harsh but that's just how I feel). I can scream sometimes, but I'd only be comfortable doing it as backup.

Of course there's always room for a second guitarist, and I have no problem sharing that spotlight. I'm also down for just jamming if you live close enough.
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