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not long enough


Seriously now...

Based on your registration date and the rough beginning... a month and a half? Two?

Ok. Your turn. How long?
Noone gives a **** how long you've been playing and neither should you.
I agree with vayne92. I don't see why you would care what matters is how well you play and how smooth. As for the recording i can tell you haven't been playing for too long cause you lingered on the same line for too long like you didn't know where to go.. that's just me though.
Sigs are for salad tossers.
I could rip ya apart, but im a nice guy so I won't. Here is some positive feedback:

- Your out of tune, so not playing for long
- Like the melody, but should focus more on tone
- Your timing could be better, but so could mine
- Breathe man, silence is just as important as playing notes
Titling a thread like this is just begging for a well-deserved public shaming. But you probably figured that out by now. This forum is for feedback and critique, not ego masturbation. So, here's some constructive ego blueballing for you:

*lol at Vocaroo being the "premier" anything; do u even dropbox or soundcloud?
*Timing is better than I was expecting; that just-behind-the-beat feel makes it relaxed
*Phrasing, muthafukka, do u understand it???
*The melody kind of runs out of ideas after the first third or so, and just becomes a string of repetitive stuff.

My answer: no idea, but I think "uve" been listening to jazz for a week.
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