Hi. I'm writing and producing an album and it's called "Frozen Light". It's a mellow solo guitar album. This is the first track off it. Tell me your honest opinions. I C4C Always

Produced with Ableton Live 9

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I heard absolute zero changes of any kind. Sounded like the droning of a snoring Hippo. Instead of putting it on an album, put it back on the drawing board.
Significant amount of amp buzz in the main clean track, very raw but still good. Great playing/composition! I like the build up towards the end, very fitting for an intro track. I recommend trying to figure out how to remove the buzz if you intend on recording beyond a demo. My method is I don't use amps, instead I use an Axe FX, but I previously used POD Farm quite extensively. I do recommend giving that a shot if you can't figure out how to get rid of the buzz. The guitar track itself could use a bit of EQing to tighten it up a bit as it's very low-mid/bass focussed. Other than that I like where it's going!
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Thank you all for the feedback!! I appreciate it so much! I will take all the advice to heart and work on the buzz and the tone. These are problems i was aware of but couldn't fix very well. And to SomeBlueKind, the reason for having the style was because it's an intro track. I think it serves it's purpose with that style.
Sigs are for salad tossers.