4 Masterbuilt Beauties Fender Strat, Ken Hoover Zion, Neal Moser, Dave Rusan



Up first, 2011 Masterbuilt Strat. It was custom made by hand by Paul Waller of Fender. Paul builds guitars for the stars and garage rockers like me. MB strats are the best in the world, no two are identical. This one is unique as is has S1 switching H
SS config and VG (13-pin and 1/4 Jack). It also has Master grade Maple top.

I might consider a trade for a Private stock PRS. This guitar is basically new and comes with EVERYTHING!


Next up is my 2012 custom made Neal Moser SS. It is a one of a kind creation by the master designer behind some of BCR's best guitars AAAA Koa top, well maybe top is not the right word as the Koa is half the body thickness so the benefit is rich warm koa tone over ash with a maple neck. Features three mini's that allow you to go in and out of phase + built is booster. The pups are Duncan stacked humbuckers and the headstock is reversed for a really cool 80s vibe but trust me no guitar made in the 80s was ever this sweet. Unfinished neck is ALIVE! $2050

!985 Ken Hoover built Zion Strat. This is a total throw back to the 1980s. Started life with Wayne Jarrett Paint and has been professionally refinished by master refinisher and builder Pat Wilkins. That is why it has the "newer" Zion Logo Totally awesome strat here folks!


If you are not familiar with Dave, He is one of the best known and most capable Luthiers in Minnesota. His client list includes names like Eric Clapton, Randy Rhoads, Prince, Ron Wood and too many others to count yet he is accessible to collectors and weekend rockers like me!

This guitars is awesome and worthy of a great home for someone who can appreciate the amazing detail, tone and action os a truly great instrument.
Ask anyone who knows me on here, My stuff is spectacular and this piece is no different. It is an extraordinary instrument and out plays any EBMM EVH or Peavy I have ever played by a long long ways.

$1350 sell/trade

• Honduran Mahogany body
• Quilted Maple top
• Poly finish with Heritage Sunburst and solid brown back by Pat Wilkins
• Bolt-on Birdseye Maple Neck (C profile) Tung Oiled (USA Guitars)
• 6105 frets
• 251/2" scale length - 22 frets
• 10-16 compound radius (.820 at first fret)
• 1.675" nut width
• D'Addario 10 - 46 gauge strings
• Vintage Chrome Callaham Bridge
• Bare Knuckles Steve Stevens "Rebel Yell" burnt chrome cover bridge pickup
• Gibson Burstbucker 2 neck pickup
• Chrome dome knobs
Chrome Sperzel locking tuners
• Les-Paul style 3-way toggle pickup selector
• Chrome strap locks