I recently switched from 10s to 12s (standard tuning). I can definitely notice a difference in the tensions when I'm bending. I have no trouble playing, and I don't feel any pain yet, but after reading about Mike Einziger I fear that it might give me carpal tunnel or tendinitis. Any worries I should have?
Can you send a link to this article you read to better understand it?

From my knowledge the only thing a higher string gauge can damage is your guitar if you haven't made the adjustments. Higher string gauges have been used for standard tuning for years by jazz guitarist. These days you see lighter string lengths something that started around jimi hendrix era as he desire very light so much as he would use banjo string because Luther and such weren't providing them it's what erne ball slinkies have built their business on really. But there was a time heavy gauge with wound G was the norm.

Play whatever your comfortable with really if the strings are compromising your playing then go down a gauge. Alternativly you can drop the tension by going down half a step whatever works and makes you comfortable with your guitar. But I don't think it can damage your hand unless you where really fighting to bend your guitar. From my knowledge Steve Vai and Omar Rodriguez use 13s and those guys can really play.
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steve vai uses 9s. i think you're thinking of SRV.

Ya Stevie ray Vaughan kinda embarrassing but meh I don't have to meet you people on a daily basis in real life.