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Lovely yesterday and today. Going to be rainy and shite for the next 7 days or so.
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Lovely yesterday and today. Going to be rainy and shite for the next 7 days or so.

That sucks.
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Chilly. Finally. I'm tired of summer.
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Well, I'm from Colorado, so there it was nonsense, it would be 70 degrees (F) and then the next day snow 10 inches, then in the summer it would rain really intense for about 10 minutes then stop, and in the same day it could be sunny, then rainy, then sleeting, then hailing, then sunny, then snowing.
But, now I live in Beijing, and it'll be hot and humid for a few days, then nice and dry, then the pollution gets bad, then it rains for a few days and the pollution clears up, we also get sandstorms, and I've heard the winter is similar to Korea
too hot. it's like 82 degrees.

anything above like 45-50 is shitty tho. cold weather is so much better.
Hot and humid one day then breezy and cool the next.

It's odd having 50 degree differences.
Hot. Really hot, like 37ºC.

It's also dry, since the ocean is about 60-70km away and the river that crosses my hometown only raises the humidity in its close proximity, and mostly at night.
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29 degree celsius.
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28 degrees shorts weather although im breaking in new jeans
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Pretty cold right now actually, even though it rained over 14 hours ago. My feet are freezing
It was very hot but now it's pretty windy so it's not so bad
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73 degrees, perfect in Iowa.
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Sunny and 65F out here in the mountains. Until next month when it's probably going to start snowing.
88 degrees. Which is nice compared to the last few weeks of nothing but 100 degrees.
Texas mannng.
I haven't been outside yet, but according to the online weather, it seems nice outside.

76 degrees with 55% humidity, partly cloudy, 58 degree dew point. Yea, sounds a lot better than it has been.
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Cloudy, cool and nice.
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Its been like this the last few weeks, although the last 2 days its been clearer:

Normal day:

All thanks to this:
I live in the area indicated by the red circle

Temp wise, its been in the 80's

The top pic and the bottom pic were taken on the same day.
The clear one was taken about 2 - 3 months ago.
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Hot as balls. Around 2 months ago Las Vegas peaked at 117F. It rained a couples of days ago so it's pretty humid. But the humidity is starting to subside.
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