Shakespearian Spacey Tale (if you can catch it lol)

Across the stellar cosmic sea
On planet Zant there was a king
As old as space, older than time
His rule was set to end tonight

The king he knew the time had come
To chose himself an heir
He chose his brother politarch
Instead his only son

- short break -

The prince had read an ancient tome
He'd stared into the void
Where beings there, decreed that he
Would have Zant in his hold

In order to usurp the throne
Dark prince devised a plan
He'd wait until the banquet
And he'd give them liquid death

- short break -
- solos -

As politarch ascends the throne
His nephew bows in kind
As father, son, and newly crowned
Toast to their people's cries

Three chalices on table's face
And two deadlocked in reaper's gaze
A king and politarch deceived
A kosmokrator came to be