Iv been learning from tab but i kinda have a hard time learning a full song its like i lose interest in the song like i know some jimi riffs and led zeppelin riffs but not full songs i only know full green day songs and i want to learn some led zeppelin but should i force myself to learn it or just learn bits and pieces?
Well, no one should REALLY learn a rock song from top to bottom, if there are parts you don't like, improvise or make up your own stuff. If you DO want to learn the full songs, then do it. Seems more like you just don't wanna put in the full work, but if you want the reward, it's what it takes.
i can't really understand where you're coming from. it's either playing guitar or the music itself that you're not interested in.
sounds to me like you just go for jimi and led zep riffs because you feel people will be impressed if you can play them, and so you don't learn the whole song because you wont ever play the whole song to someone but just riffs if you happen to pick up a guitar somewhere with your friends around