I have been working for two years as a volunteer apprentice at a custom guitar shop and finally I have been taught how to make my own bass guitar from scratch. Now I have a killer custom 6 string done up with exotic woods, all the best electronics and my own personal design and inlay. Needless to say, this guitar means the world to me. I want a case that offers unparallelled protection and longevity, I want it to outlast me.

I assume a case that is fitted like the common cases that are meant to fit a P-Bass or a stratocaster, for example, is better than something open and meant to fit a variety of body styles but I am not convinced either way. If fitted is better, I will go to the trouble of getting a gutted version of the SKB case 3i-5014-OP and work with a foam expert to design the perfect fit for it. Is all that time and effort worth it? Should I just use foam shims to shore up the voids in the open cavity?

Please tell me what you guys would do to protect your dream guitar. Thanks in advance.
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If I were getting a guitar that nice I would want a fitted case to go with it. A case fitted exactly to the contours should disperse shock more evenly, I would think, than a case that has just a few points of contact with the guitar.

Plus, what better way to have a case "worthy" of your guitar than to have one that fits it just right? Seems like a worthwhile touch for something you're going to treasure for the rest of your life.
Yeah definitely don't skimp on the case now man, spare no expense. Fitted all the way. Just unleash on it.